Proper PRE

The perfect pre workout has finally arrived.

All the right ingredients, in all the correct amounts to help you push harder and endure longer in any workout long or short.

PRE contains all the essential ingredients your body needs prior to exercise. Heading into a workout, one non-negotiable must have is adequate hydration. That is why we provide sodium, potassium, and magnesium to be mixed with 16oz of water as the foundation of our product.

From there our next goal is to provide improvements in power output, aerobic and anaerobic capacity, muscular endurance and protection, fatigue reduction, blood flow, and fat oxidation. Adequate doses of BCAAs, Citrulline Malate, Beta Alanine, and Creatine help us achieve this goal and more.

Last but not least we rely on what we like to call “Nature’s Pre-Workout”, Caffeine, to round out the formula. One of the most heavily researched compounds in the industry boasts undeniable improvements in both power output and fatigue reduction. If you train in the afternoon/evening, or do not tolerate caffeine well, we suggest trying out our Non-Stim formula.

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"I use Proper PRE everyday, not only does it taste great but it really gets me ready to push hard for my entire training session"